Drink driver who ‘forgot to renew licence’ after previous ban is caught behind the wheel again

Picture: @TelfordCops
Picture: @TelfordCops

Officers had pounced in Oakengates, Telford, and found that the driver had allegedly forgot to get insurance and had an expired licence.

The licence had been taken off him following an earlier drink driving ban. Police posted a picture on Twitter of a car parked up on the side of the road and an officer peering through its windows with a torch.

A spokesperson for Telford Police said: “This forgetful #DrinkDriver in Oakengates forgot you have to drive sober

“He also forget to get insurance and had an expired licence he forgot to renew after his last #DrinkDrive ban.

“Arrested, car seized and off to court.

“#DontDrinkDrive it’s just not worth the risk!”

Shropshire Star